When you meet someone who tries their hardest to stick by you regardless of how difficult you are, keep them. Keep them at all costs because finding someone who cares enough to look past your flaws isn’t something that happens every day.

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Wake me up at 3am just to tell me that I’m not close enough. Wake me again at 7am because we need to get ready for the day. Once more at 7:15 because we both know I don’t do mornings. Tell me about the dream you had last night while we have toast and orange juice. I’m tired as hell but I hear and feel every single word that you say. Ask me how I slept because you feel like you’ve been talking for too long. My answer is always the same when you ask, sleeping next to you is heavenly. Apologize for waking me up at 3am while I assure you that it’s okay and that I’m so glad that you did, then rally in your stubborn persistence the notion that it was out of line. Start explaining how wrong it was. You won’t get very far into your rant because I need to kiss you. Not only to stop you from being ridiculous but because I love you so much more than I can express with words. So please, wake me up at 3am so I can pull you closer and kiss you softly. “I love you endlessly” will be my sleepy response each time; as those four words are the only ones that can even come close to explaining my feelings for you.


fuck racism too




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That is the saddest part when you lose someone you love—that person keeps changing. And later you wonder, is this the same person I lost?

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Homophobic slurs are used in over 25,000 tweets every day 

Do you think before you speak?

In an age of digital technology and communication ruled by emojis and flighty thumbs hovering over mobile phones, there’s a case to be made that social media has made us less aware of the words we use when communicating with the world. 

GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Educators Network, is highlighting the issue with the new campaign, ThinkB4YouSpeak, to raise awareness about the extent to which inflammatory, homophobic and hateful language is used on a daily basis. Their website aims to point out the prevalence of this problematic language in an attempt to curb such behavior through awareness. This campaign runs this month, which is National Bullying Prevention Month.

9 out of 10 LGBT students report being harassed at school in the last year. Follow micdotcom

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Many people know that women make 77 cents to the dollar compared to men. But did you know that African-American women make just 64 cents to the dollar, and Hispanic women make just 56 cents? One group offers an interesting way to fix this. 

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"Gender wage gap affects the WHOLE family." - Terry O’Neill from the National Organization for Women via Eleanor’s Hope conference call.

I just don’t understand why all of these posts ignore that the racial pay gap also impacts men of color.

I honestly believe that this oversight is on purpose because nobody wants to acknowledge that Black and Latino and Native men are being paid less than white WOMEN. Because that would totally re-frame this pay gap conversation if it was widely acknowledged. And suddenly, there would be NO reason for white women to be front and center. 

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Drugs are both the worst and best things I have ever experienced.

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Film & poetry: Jean Seberg in Breathless (1960) / Adrienne Rich, from "Implosions"